4 Golden Rules for Greener Health

                      Living green means we recycle, create less waste, and use fewer resources. These are all important ways to protect the environment. But what are you doing to green up your health? A healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand! Don’t pollute […]

10 Attributes of a Great Leader

  This post was adopted from Reliv International. by Reliv Ambassador Mair Hill Mair Hill ran her own multimillion-dollar sales agency for 17 years and has since studied fundraising and nutrition. She is a professional speaker, life coach, author and blogger. Mair recently published her first book, A GOOD PLAN: Ten Simple Steps to Make […]

2016 President’s Team Achievers

This month’s Leader’s Podcast features the 2016 President’s Team achievers: Philippine Ambassadors Maria & David Lyons, Generose & Willy Uy and Indonesia Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Marvin Louis & Lie Widjaja. http://traffic.libsyn.com/relivanz/Presidents_Team.mp3Subscribe or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

10 Tips to Prepare for Full-Time Entrepreneurship

                              The decision to become an entrepreneur can be very exciting, but it also presents unique challenges. Whether you’re just starting a Reliv business or eager to leave your corporate job and become a full-time Distributor, these tips will come in […]

The “Dos” of To-Do Lists

This post was adopted from Reliv International If you are anything like me, you like to make a list and be able to cross off everything by the end of the day. It’s a sense of accomplishment! But it’s easier said than done. Need some help? Here are 6 “Dos” you should consider for the next […]

Information You Can Use to Build Your Reliv Business

Tina Van Horn is  Product Marketing Specialist with Reliv. In this podcast she discusses the dual role of Soy Labs and Reliv, quality control and the importance of non-GMO and no solvents. Tina explains how Distributors can use this information to emphasize credibility whilst building a Reliv business. http://traffic.libsyn.com/relivanz/Tina_Van_Horn_Leaders_Call_20150505.mp3Subscribe or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | […]

Food Fight: Tips to Get Your Toddler Eating!

A toddler who refuses to try a new food at least half of the time is a fussy eater. Approximately half of all toddlers fit this description, so it is no surprise that food issues are a source of stress for parents. Here are some tips to get your tricky toddlers eating right: Offer healthy options: […]

Sponsoring & Building Your Business

This month, Reliv Asia Pacific President, Scott Montgomery, and Sales Manager Bernie Birch discuss the importance of always building through sponsoring new people and staying focused on your goals.   http://traffic.libsyn.com/relivanz/Sponsoring__Building_Your_Business.mp3Subscribe or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Nectarines: A Smart Summer Snack

                        This post was adopted from Reliv International Summer is a fabulous time of year, not only for warmer weather but for the variety of delicious fruits that hit the supermarkets. The nectarine is one of those sweet and juicy fruits that provide a […]

5 Tips to Help You Concentrate on Concentrating

This post was adopted from Reliv International. Ever find yourself thinking one million thoughts at once? You’re not alone. We are constantly trying to multitask and cram too many things into one little day — or even one little moment. Many of us struggle with getting anything done because we can’t focus. Stop the craze! These simple […]

Nutritional Supplements with Dr. Carl Hastings

Usage of nutritional supplements continues to increase as more evidence of the health benefits reaches consumers and health professionals. Understanding all of this information can be a challenge. Fortunately, Reliv, under the guidance of Dr. Carl Hastings, has helped make nutritional supplementation simple with cutting-edge products. Dr. Carl will share his insights on the nutritional […]

2016 Kick Off Message

Start off your year by listening to 2016 Kick Off messages from Reliv Asia Pacific President, Scott Montgomery and Sales Manager, Bernie Birch. On this podcast they give insights into how you can make 2016 your best Reliv year ever! http://traffic.libsyn.com/relivanz/Kick_Off_Messages.mp3Subscribe or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

My 6 Word Reliv Story…

Everybody has a story, and this month we’re challenging Reliv Australia and New Zealand distributors to share theirs … in just 6 words! How has Reliv changed your life? Improved your health? Grown your finances? Here are some examples from Reliv International: Regaining my health, rebuilding my wealth. – Tony Pezzullo of Michigan Addition of […]

Beating Workout Boredom

This post was adopted from Reliv International The running shoes sit inside your closet, staring you down. When are you going to take me to the gym again? You pretend not to notice them and reach for slippers instead, knowing you’ll have much more fun at home tonight. When was the last time I used […]

Go for Goals with Maria Lyons

Reliv Bronze Ambassador Maria Lyons was the recent recipient of the Sales Achiever Award from the Philippines Direct Selling Association. She asks you to think about what drives you and what you can do to get to where you want to be in your Reliv business. http://traffic.libsyn.com/relivanz/Go_for_Goals_Maria_Lyons.mp3Subscribe or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Special Message from Scott Montgomery

Before you listen to this month’s leaders podcast, take the time to listen to this message from Reliv Asia Pacific President, Scott Montgomery as he discusses what makes these people special – it’s something that everyone can do. http://traffic.libsyn.com/relivanz/Special_Message_from_Scott_Montgomery.mp3Subscribe or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Leadership and Achievement Awards

This month’s Reliv Asia Pacific Leaders’ Podcast features special guest speakers, Presidential Silver Ambassador Angela Williamson, Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Dorothy & Sammy Tan and Ambassador Generose Uy. They have all recently received leadership and achievement awards from both Reliv and the Philippines Direct Selling Association.  On this podcast they discuss how they have achieved these […]

Leadership and Achievement Awards (Bahasa)

Di podcast pemimpin bulan ini, kami hadirkan tamu khusus sebagai pembicara, Reliv Presidential Bronze Ambassador Marvin Louis dan Liesemiwati Widjaya. Mereka telah mendapatkan Plakat Dr. Ted yang ke enam di Oktober lalu dan menjadi pelopor di Reliv Asia Pasifik.  Dengarkan diskusi mereka mengenai teknik apa yang mereka gunakan untuk sponsor orang baru dan begitu pentingnya […]

Overcoming Objections

Presidential Silver Ambassador, Quila Buhler, shares how to overcome objections. As long as you’re focused on the goals you have set for yourself, there’s no way an objection can keep you from getting where you want to be. http://traffic.libsyn.com/relivanz/Overcoming_Objections_with_Quila_Buhler.mp3Subscribe or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Make Exercise a Habit

For many people, ringing in the New Year will include making a commitment to healthier eating and more frequent exercise. Are you determined to meet your weight loss goals this year? The hard part is actually sticking to it and making real changes! Here are a few tips to help you keep on track and make […]

Helpful Weight Loss Hints

This post was adopted from Reliv International Sticking to a weight loss goal is never easy, and keeping the weight off once you’ve lost it can be an even bigger challenge. Living a healthy life means eating right, exercising and taking care of ourselves. It requires being healthy in mind, body and spirit. For results […]

Building a Reliv Business with Donnabel and Jigs Cunanan

This month’s Leaders’ Podcast features Reliv 3-Star Directors, Donnabel and Jigs Cunanan. Hear them discuss techniques they use to sponsor new people and how important sponsoring is to building and growing your Reliv business.   http://traffic.libsyn.com/relivanz/Donnabel_Cunanan.mp3Subscribe or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

6 Tips for Healthy Happiness

                          (This post was adopted from Reliv International) Think Healthy to Be Healthy A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about working out and eating well. Living healthy and happy starts with a strong, positive mental outlook. Mental and physical health go hand in hand, […]

One to One with Generose Uy and Angela Williamson

In this month’s Leaders’ Podcast, special guest speakers, Reliv Ambassador Generose Uy and Presidential Silver Ambassador Angela Williamson discuss what they do every day to build their business through small groups and one-on-one meetings. These principles and tips have contributed to the continued success of Generose and Angela’s businesses and can be implemented in your […]

What you Need to Know About Vitamin B6

                        Benefits of Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6 (or pyridoxine) is involved in the process of making serotonin and norepinephrine, which are chemicals that transmit signals in the brain. It is needed for protein and carbohydrate metabolism, the formation of red blood cells and is […]

What is Reliv?

                          What is Reliv? Good question. Opening night of the 2015 International Conference focused on providing an answer, a strong statement of who and what we are. Here we’ve outlined the main points from that evening’s presentation. As you’ll see, the real question is not “What […]

10 Steps to Help Parents Balance Work and Family

                                (This post was adopted from Reliv International) Ever find yourself overwhelmed and stressed because you just came home from an 8-hour workday and your kids are crying – one wants help with homework, the other wants you to play […]

Win Your Way Leaders Call Part 1

In this month’s Leaders’ Podcast, Asia Pacific Sales Manager, Bernie Birch and RAP President Scott Montgomery talk with the RAP leaders who attended the 2015 Reliv International Conference in St Louis, USA. Hear all about the excitement and highlights from Jim & Shirley Seabrook, Rose Blancaflor, Maria Lyons and Stephanie Semmens, having attended conference and […]

Win Your Way Leaders Call Part 2

Hear all about the excitement and highlights from Nenita Dyap, Marilyn Arenas, Dorothy Tan, Lolita Casanova, Evelyn & Robert Uy, and Generose & Wilfredo Uy having attended conference and tips on what you can do RIGHT NOW through the end of the year to drive your Reliv business to the Next Level. http://traffic.libsyn.com/relivanz/Reliv_Asia_Pacific_International_Conference_Part_2.mp3Subscribe or Download: […]

Win Your Way Leaders Call Part 3

Hear all about the excitement and highlights from Arneil Chua, Dolly Lilles, Beverly Jaro, and Teodoro Seno having attended conference and tips on what you can do RIGHT NOW through the end of the year to drive your Reliv business to the Next Level. http://traffic.libsyn.com/relivanz/Reliv_Asia_Pacific_International_Conference_Part_3.mp3Subscribe or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

8 Health Benefits of Increasing your Fibre Intake

                                  Experts recommend 30 to 35 grams of dietary fibre per day for a variety of health benefits. The average person gets only about 10 grams. Here’s a list of health benefits to encourage you to increase your daily […]