The better to eat you with!

If you thought that getting fresh and healthy food was an accomplished goal to become healthy, I am terribly sorry to say that it’s not enough. Apparently, the cooking methods you use, the storage, the time you keep the food before you eat it and some other factors might strongly influence the nutritional benefits of […]

Growing portion (and body!) size

In the past 30 years the obesity rates have risen sharply, which not surprisingly coincides with constant increases in the portion size of food and have become more common when eating away from home.  According to statistics the larger portion trend started in the 70s, and dramatically increased in the 80s only to keep growing […]

When the exception becomes the rule: Power of habits

Think of anything you do regularly. Anything. Now count how often you do it. You sleep once – maybe twice a day, you try to exercise around three times a week (or at least think about it) but how many times a day do you eat? Eating is probably the most repetitive action in our […]

Comfort foods: Is our body trying to tell us something?

We all have that moment where we get that inkling for a sweet sugary fix. Food is the shoulder you cry on when everything seems to go wrong, the celebratory meal when things go right and the instinctive ritual when nothing is really happening. For what seems like a lifetime of confectionary microwave minutes researchers […]