February 2023 Updates

Healthy Aging

Congratulations if you took advantage of the Defense Flash Sale as arming your immune system has never been more important.  If you didn’t, call the office today on 1800066186 to order Defense from our New Zealand warehouse, you’ll be so pleased you did when you read the multitude of benefits.


45/12 is Back!

The 45/12 promotion is back by popular demand! Master Affiliates again receive a whopping 45% discount on their own purchases, earn between 10%-45% retail/wholesale profit and 12% profit on frontline MAs! Download the flyer.

Terrific Taiwan

Win Your Way to Taiwan by achieving the qualifications or by being the lucky draw winner.

OneReliv Road to Platinum

We are excited about our new OneReliv Road to Platinum Director (RTP) program that begins this month.  This program replaces the Ambassador and Global Ambassador Team programs and the bonuses and promotions related to these programs have now concluded as well.  Check out all the bonuses on offer, including the new Director bonus!



Taiwan January Lucky Draw Entries

Lynne Culph 9
Marie Smith 8
Anne Underwood 7
Jim & Shirley Seabrook 6
Margaret & Geoff Prior 6
Mona Forster 6
Gwen McNaught 5
Ian & Judy King 5
Nte & Alex Pappas 5
Maree Don 5
Phillip & Shirley Comfort 5
Yvonne Wiebell 5
Christine Worboys 5
Gerard & Maureen Vonder 5
Albert & Eleanor Wee 5
Audrey Hamer 5
Gus & Brenda Berry 5
Cameron Wan 5
Grace Wan 5
Lolita Casanova & Michael Morton 5
Delwyn McNaughton 4
Margaret & Sue Wickham 4
Ralph & Marilyn Pritchard 4
Carmela Paredes & Annie Patricio 3
Peter & Sue Neal 3
Helena Farrelly 2
Stephanie Semmens 2
Serena Scarlett & Jacinta Ojwang 2
Helen Gillies & Frank Ainslie 2
Kevin & Lorna Barry 2,
Peter & Margaret Couttie 1
Jean & Harvey Hoolihan 1.