November 2022 Promotions

45/12 is Back!

The 45/12 promotion is back by popular demand! Master Affiliates again receive a whopping 45% discount on their own purchases, earn between 10%-45% retail/wholesale profit and 12% profit on frontline MAs! Check out the flyer.


2023 Win Your Way

Promo period: Jun to Sep 2022

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Promo 3-2-1

Open to All Distributors! Earn RM1,500

  • PROMO 3: Earn a RM50 Reliv Product Credit when you register 3 new PCs in a calendar month*
  • PROMO 2: Earn RM300 Cash Bonus When you sponsor 2 new Fast Starts in a calendar month*
  • PROMO 1: Earn RM450 Cash Bonus When you promote 1 personally sponsored Distributor to MA*


Global Ambassador Team

Qualify in 2022 for Ambassador Team 2023

October Recognition

2023 Reliv Asia Pacific Win Your Way


Wong Li Sun (4)

Rita Kong (3)

Aaron Andy (1)

Joanne Chan (1)

Kim Ng Swee (1).