What is ICSAR and How Can It Impact Your Business?

  This post was adopted from Reliv International People are looking for new ways to work from home and make money. With an ever-changing world economic situation and current health concerns, being able to make supplemental income is on the minds of many. Reliv is a fun and simple business that anyone can do, but as with […]

Wellness and Working Remotely: Why You’re Positioned for Success Right Now

  This post was adopted from Reliv International We’re in the wellness industry (something everyone is talking about right now) and our products are here to support your overall wellness during this season and every day. In recent days, the world has turned its attention to wellness and immune support, and Reliv has been at […]

How Reliv Helped Me Launch My First MLM Business

  This post was original published by Reliv International and written by Reliv Director Elizabeth Hill As I walked across the stage and received my diploma, I had never been more uncertain about my future career. I had spent hundreds of hours working toward my music degree, rehearsing, and preparing for a career that I couldn’t […]

Keep It Short & Sweet

  Keep It Short & Sweet: How to Form Your 1-Minute Reliv Story This post first appeared on Reliv International By Reliv Director of Marketing Erin Koch  When you get great health results on Reliv products, you can’t help but want to share your story with the world — and you should! After all, that’s how […]

How I Conquer Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

                        Originally posted by Reliv International By Master Affiliate Katie Moore Have you ever thought about becoming a Reliv Distributor? Well, I sure didn’t. In fact, for two years I said “no” on multiple occasions. I was a young, career-focused woman, enjoying city life with […]

How To Promote Your Events On Social Media

By Content & Social Media Specialist Michaela Mitchell. Originally posted by Reliv International. Events are the lifeblood of your network marketing business. From shake parties and in-homes to opportunity meetings, conference calls and Facebook Lives, there are so many different types of business-building events nowadays! You may feel overwhelmed by the thought of promoting your next […]

Why I Chose Reliv

                        By Director David Enniss This post was adopted from Reliv International I first was introduced to Reliv in high school when my mother and I went on the products. I graduated high school and was considering careers that did not offer residual income. […]

Dollars make sense with a Reliv business

                              How much would it take for you to be in a personal financial crisis? Almost half (46 per cent) of Australians say they are living ‘pay-cheque to pay-cheque’. They have no emergency savings for things like a $500 car repair […]

Making Your Reliv Business Stronger

                        By Reliv Asia Pacific Sales Manager Bernie Birch There is one sure-fire way to make your Reliv business stronger – sponsoring.  It’s the lifeblood of any network marketing business and there are simple steps to help you become successful at this critically important […]

10 Attributes of a Great Leader

  This post was adopted from Reliv International. by Reliv Ambassador Mair Hill Mair Hill ran her own multimillion-dollar sales agency for 17 years and has since studied fundraising and nutrition. She is a professional speaker, life coach, author and blogger. Mair recently published her first book, A GOOD PLAN: Ten Simple Steps to Make […]

10 Tips to Prepare for Full-Time Entrepreneurship

                              The decision to become an entrepreneur can be very exciting, but it also presents unique challenges. Whether you’re just starting a Reliv business or eager to leave your corporate job and become a full-time Distributor, these tips will come in […]

My 6 Word Reliv Story…

Everybody has a story, and this month we’re challenging Reliv Australia and New Zealand distributors to share theirs … in just 6 words! How has Reliv changed your life? Improved your health? Grown your finances? Here are some examples from Reliv International: Regaining my health, rebuilding my wealth. – Tony Pezzullo of Michigan Addition of […]

What is Reliv?

                          What is Reliv? Good question. Opening night of the 2015 International Conference focused on providing an answer, a strong statement of who and what we are. Here we’ve outlined the main points from that evening’s presentation. As you’ll see, the real question is not “What […]

6 Questions to Get to Know People’s Dreams

                          “You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” ~ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam The future is uncertain, but when we dream, it is full of possibilities. Dreams illuminate human potential, but unrealized, they can make you feel like you’re […]

Working it from home

Don’t let working from home make you feel isolated. Every day is a new opportunity to get out there, leverage your contact list and share your Reliv story with the world! Here are a few of our tips to get you moving and motivated whilst working your Reliv business from home! Home Office Space With […]

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Business Today with Cayla Collins

Starting any business is a roller coaster. We all have different seasons in our business. Which season are you in? Do you need to refocus? The business is simple but sometimes we need to give ourselves a reality check. Reliv Key Director, Cayla Collins, from the US wants you to ask yourself, what have I […]

5 Ways to Put Your Best Foot Forward

Quila Buhler is a Reliv Presidential Silver Ambassador from Oregon City, Oregon, and one of Reliv’s top Distributor leaders. Here she shares her tips on making the most out of every day in building your business. Plan – Every Sunday I look at my calendar on my computer and transfer it to my planner. Every […]

Nourish our World

The Reliv Kalogris Foundation is proud to announce the opening of St. John the Baptist National School of Petite-Anse, Haiti. The school building, damaged in the 2010 earthquake, had been declared unsafe for use in case of future earthquakes. The RKF provided  funds to upgrade the building for sanctioned use as a functioning elementary school. […]

Keep it Simple: Communicating with Prospective Customers

Keeping things simple can prove difficult when trying to communicate with a prospective customer – we want to dazzle them with facts and phrases but how much of it is dazzling rather than dizzying. Successful entrepreneur Richard Branson recently spoke about business jargon saying it slowed down progress, confused people and caused them to lose […]

Mumpreneur: Are you one?

A growing number of mogul mums have taken on the direct selling world this year. According to the Direct Selling Association there’s been almost a 20 per cent rise in numbers of these savvy women who are triumphantly running their business at home with the kids. At the thought of rigid hours, expensive childcare and […]

The power of active listening

The first full week of November is World Communication Week and a great time to take stock of your skills. As a Reliv Distributor, you hear a lot about learning to talk to people about Reliv products and the business opportunity of LunaRich. We learn to speak intelligibly about epigenetics and tell the story of […]

Mean Business: Use the internet and technology to your advantage

In this day and age thousands of people have built a successful business with no more than a computer and ambition. I’ve recently read into some ‘need-to-know how’ articles on using technology to your advantage when running a business. I’ve put together what I thought were stand out tips for all users of technology – […]