Emotions, Weather and Productivity

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Ever had one of those days where it’s bucketing down outside and you can’t help but relate to the weather by feeling a little gloomy and unmotivated? Studies have shown that human’s relationship with the weather and our emotions could prove to be more than just a Shakespearean literary technique. (Pathetic Fallacy) Knowing how to act intuitively when these mood altering forces come to rain on your day could make all the difference in your productivity!

A study from Washington found a correlation with the influence of weather on a person’s mood and productivity. Although the result was small the study found a participant with mild problems tended to be more stressed when the weather was unstable, cloudy or humid and alternatively less stressed when sunny, dry and cool.

What does this mean for our productivity? The National Centre of Public Health and Analyses highlights that emotions affect our working ability and concentration – so if you’re feeling agitated and stressed, chances are you’re not as focused on the task at hand.

Before you let the next forecast hinder you with emotional baggage, I’ve scoured the internet to share with you a few tips to improve your mood regardless of what’s going on outside;





  • Soothe your scent buds!
    Believe it or not, the scents around you may contribute to a more efficient place of productivity. Just make sure you don’t have allergies!



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