Winter Health Hazard
As UV levels drop and we bid farewell to autumn, getting enough vitamin D – which is essential to bone health – can become a challenging task during the cold and sometimes dark days of winter.  The best source of Vitamin D is from the sun and generally in summer we naturally get enough, but it’s during winter where we see less sun and the UV levels drop that we need to be vigilant.
Why is Vitamin D Important?
Vitamin D helps our bones absorb calcium, so in turns keeps them strong and supporting our body.  However, about one in three adults will have a mild, moderate or severe vitamin D deficiency.  “Severe vitamin D deficiency can result in painful muscles and bones and increases the risk of broken bones, such as a hip fracture,” Osteoporosis Australia’s medical director Professor Peter Ebeling says. “In children, the most serious health outcome of severely low vitamin D is rickets, which could cause short stature, and deformities in the legs, ribs and other bones”.  It’s hard to obtain the necessary vitamin D through diet, so Professor Ebeling recommends those who are deficient should take a supplement.
Ray of Sunshine
Reliv Nourish™ and Reliv Nourish™ for Kids contain vitamin D.  If you or people you know are unable to get 20 minutes of midday sun daily, recommended during winter, Reliv Nourish and Reliv Nourish for Kids can help supplement vitamin D intake.
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Winter Warmer
If you’re suffering from a cold or want a winter pick-me-up, mix a scoop of Innergize™ with warm/hot water for a delicious hot lemon drink to stay on top of your game!
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