Who Do You Know?

Your friends, family and prospects can join Reliv as a Preferred Customer for FREE in March, saving them a $22 registration fee and giving them a 20% discount off their Reliv nutrition.  Who do you know who can benefit from Reliv’s powerful nutrition?


Super Nutrient

Lunarich X contains lunasin, a super nutrient for healthy aging and cellular health.  It supports cholesterol management, heart health and weight wellness.  In addition to its own health benefits, LunaRich X powers up the benefits you receive from other Reliv products.


Armed and Ready

Reliv Defense has a unique blend of nine powerful ingredients including Wellmune, Reishi mushroom extract, Echinacea and Ginseng.  They work together to support your immune system and combat the negative effects of stress and harmful free radicals.  Take before going to bed and let the Zinc help you get a good night’s sleep.


Perfect Partners

LunaRich X and Reliv Defense are the perfect additions to your core nutrition and targeted

solution shakes plus they have complimentary mechanisms of action for comprehensive immune support.  They are available to purchase from New Zealand, by calling the Australian office on 1800 066 186. No GST applies and your credit card will be charged in NZ dollars.  LunaRich X and Defense can be shipped individually or together, with a maximum of 6 bottles purchased in one order and a flat shipping rate of NZ$15.  Call the Reliv office to order or for more information visit reliv.co.nz/products.


45/12 Promo

The 45/12 promotion concludes at the end of this month so there has never been a better time to advance to MA and receive a whopping 45% off your MA order.  From 1 April MAs revert to a 40% profit/discount level.


Bonus Achiever

Congratulations to Phillip and Shirley Comfort on achieving a $150 bonus in the 3>2>1 Promo!


New Director Bonus

Earn a $250 bonus when you advance to Director by earning a $500 commission, with $250 from overrides.  Read the details under My Resources, the bonus is also open to existing Directors until 30 April!