Fast Start Your Business
The popular Fast Start Pack is the perfect starting point for your new Distributor.  With two free Innergize and bonus points taking them to 500PV, they are immediately on 30% discount and eligible to sponsor and earn a 5%-30% commission.  See flyer for full details, advise your downline and teach them to always ask “Who do you know who might be interested in products that are changing people’s lives?”
Not yet a MA
With the 45/12 Promotion in full swing, there has never been a better time to be a Master Affiliate.  You purchase your MA order at a whopping 45% discount and whether you sell your own stock or your downline Distributors and customers purchase direct from Reliv, you make between 10% and 45% wholesale and retail profit.  The 45/12 promotion puts money in your pocket faster and makes sharing the business so easy to explain.
Shake to MA
Don’t have the funds to purchase a MA order?  No problem, ask friends to hold shake parties, place the orders at those parties on your smart phone or show them how to join and order themselves.  Invite friends for one-on-ones where you can explain the products and opportunity over a cup of coffee.  Download one of the many videos on the Reliv website and send to someone that doesn’t live near you and say it made you think of them.  Follow them up with a call and share the benefits over the phone, better still conference-call your upline in to share their story.  The Points Volume (PV) in a calendar month, from the orders of people you referred to Reliv, all build your Personal Group Points Volume (PGPV).  Share Reliv with enough people and you’ll be at 2500 PGPV and MA before you know it!