Grow your Business using Social Media
Reliv International Social Media Coordinator Michaela Mitchell joined the Facebook Live Showcase to answer all your social media questions. Watch now as she shares which social media platform is best for the audience you are trying to reach, what tools can assist you in managing your social media accounts, how you can invest in paid advertising for your Reliv business, as well as her top tips for social media success!
Promoting Events
Michaela followed up the Showcase by writing an informative article on how to promote events using Social Media.  Read Michaela’s blog on the Reliv Asia Pacific Training Page and whether you’re having a Shake Party, Business Presentation or using Facebook Live, learn how to create an event on social media and spread the word!
Your Own Personal Assistant
Here’s the next instalment in the series to highlight the great features and benefits of Reliv Asia Pacific’s (RAP) Mobile App. This week our focus is on the icons ‘Activity’ and ‘Facebook’.  Simply tap ‘More’ on the bottom right hand corner of the App home screen and it will take you to the second page with extra options. Activity:  Keep tracking of your own and your downline’s daily, weekly or monthly activity. o   List your prospects. o   Add the number of presentations you do. o   Tally up follow-ups and sign-ups. o   Email button to send to your upline if you’re working on a goal. o   Keep your downline accountable by having them email you their activity. o   Use to set your weekly or monthly goals & count them down as you achieve them.
 Facebook: This icon lists the Reliv Facebook pages. o   Easy access to all of Reliv’s Facebook pages. o   View the Reliv Showcase with ease by tapping the Reliv Asia Pacific FB page. o   Check-out what’s happening in other markets via their FB page. o   Post a comment, video or photo on Facebook at Reliv Asia Pacific o   Instant access in the palm of your hand.
Happy New Year
The Reliv Office will be closed on Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 February to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Shop online when the office is closed and your order will be despatched the next business day.
Nourishing Banana Split
½ Ripe Banana Chopped 250ml Chilled Water 1 teaspoon Cocoa Powder 4-6 Ice Cubes 1 Scoop of Reliv NoBlend all ingredients together in an electric blender, serve and enjoy! 

Malaysia Recognition