New Prices
Effective 1 June 2019 Reliv Malaysia will be having a price rise on a number of products, which will give your income a boost!  RV is Retail Volume or Retail Price and your discount along with your retail and wholesale profit is calculated on this price.  Override commissions are calculated on the Business Volume (BV).
LunaRich X™
Malaysian LunaRich X will be available at the end of June.  However, we have a small quantity of Philippines LunaRich X in our Malaysian warehouse which you can order by phoning the office on 03 6038 7388.  Your order will be processed and charged in Philippines pesos at the Philippines price.
We apologise that due to circumstances beyond our control we are currently out of stock of Arthaffect.  The next shipment is due to arrive late June and we will advise you as soon as it is back in stock.  Please note the price of Arthaffect is NOT increasing on 1 June.
Shake & Take Extended
New Distributors, Preferred Customers and Customers in May receive a FREE Reliv Blender Bottle with their first order in May.  See flyer for details.
Free Product Leaflets
A complimentary pack of 10 Product Leaflets are in every order placed in May! Experience the Reliv Mission: To Nourish Our World in body, mind and spirit

Malaysia Recognition