45/12 Master Affiliates will enjoy a whopping 45% discount/profit level and 12% Overrides on their frontline MAs for a further 12 months with the extension of the 45/12 promotion! There has never been a better time to advance to MA, talk to your sponsor or call the Reliv office to find out all the benefits!   Membership Reduced Distributor registration has reduced to RM70 and Distributors will now receive an Online Enrolment Kit with links to a wealth of information to help them build a successful Reliv business.   Bali is Back! The WYW to Bali promotion is on again this month with travel planned for late 2021.  Check out the flyer on how you can qualify.  For the first time ever all Master Affiliates will get a ticket in a draw to win two seats for every 500PGPV they achieve over the six month qualification period!   European Virtual Conference The Reliv Strong European Virtual Conference is taking place on 16 October from 7pm-9:30pm London time and you can register here.  This will be very early Saturday morning 17 October in Malaysia but we encourage you to tune-in to what will be a fabulous event.  Please also save the date for Saturday afternoon 14 November for the Reliv Strong Asia Pacific Virtual Conference – more details to follow - it will be a cracker!   PC Upgrade It now only costs RM35 for your Preferred Customer to upgrade to a Distributor.  When they get results from Reliv nutrition and want to share the benefits with others, encourage them to join as a Distributor to make money for their efforts.  Upgrading is easy, they logon with their RCN and password and click on ‘Upgrade to a Distributor’ in the drop down menu under ‘My Account’.