November 2022 Promotions

45/12 is Back!

The 45/12 promotion is back by popular demand! Master Affiliates again receive a whopping 45% discount on their own purchases, earn between 10%-45% retail/wholesale profit and 12% profit on frontline MAs! Download the flyer.


Director $500

As of February 1, 2022, we will recognise Directors as those earning $500 a month with half coming from overrides. New Directors will also now earn a $250 cash bonus!


Promo 3-2-1

Open to All Distributors!

  • PROMO 3: Earn a $50 Reliv Product Credit when you register 3 new PCs in a calendar month*
  • PROMO 2: Earn $100 Cash Bonus When you sponsor 2 new Fast Starts in a calendar month*
  • PROMO 1: Earn $150 Cash Bonus When you promote 1 personally sponsored Distributor to MA*


Global Ambassador Team

Qualify in 2022 for Ambassador Team 2023