Grow your Business using Social Media
On this month’s Facebook Live Showcase, Reliv International Social Media Coordinator Michaela Mitchell joined us to answer all your social media questions. Watch now as she shares which social media platform is best for the audience you are trying to reach, what tools can assist you in managing your social media accounts, how you can invest in paid advertising for your Reliv business, as well as her top tips for social media success!
$$$ Rewards for New Sales
When your new Distributor or Preferred Customer places a minimum 50PV order, YOU receive a cash bonus and your new person receives a Reliv Credit Voucher.  The larger the order, the higher your bonus and their voucher! Check out the flyer and promote this Free Voucher offer to all your friends on Facebook!
Over Indulged during the Holidays?
Have you put on a couple kilos over the Christmas and New Year break that you just can’t budge?  Join the club, everyone you talk to is in the same boat.  It doesn’t seem like much but if you don’t lose it, you add another few kilos this Christmas and over the course of a few years you’ve suddenly gained an extra 10 kilos.  The time to take action is now and ReShape is the answer.  Replace one to two meals a day and you’ll be back in shape before you know it!  Order the ReShape Pack and save!
Benefits Booster
In addition to its own well documented health benefits — from cholesterol reduction to overall cellular health — LunaRich X™  powers up the benefits you receive from other Reliv products. Order today and multiply your good health by the power of X!
Summer Green Tea
1 scoop Reliv Nourish
½ banana
1 cup frozen raspberries
½ cup frozen peaches
1 cup cold green tea