MAs Earn 45%
Master Affiliates in Malaysia will make more money from today!  The 45/12 promotion, effective for the next 12 months, increases the MA profit level to 45% and frontline overrides to 12%.  That’s a 5% increase in retail/wholesale profit and a 50% increase in frontline overrides!  This puts more money in your pocket and makes working the Reliv business a whole lot more profitable!  Read the details here and start sharing Reliv with everyone you know.
Making Money
With a minimum 10% wholesale profit - if you’re not already a Master Affiliate - now is the time to qualify!  You purchase your MA order at a huge 45% discount, and you’ll earn 45% profit from your customers, 25% profit from your preferred customers and 10%-25% profit from your downline Distributors.  Talk to your sponsor today or call the Reliv office and take advantage of the 45/12 promotion to qualify as a Master Affiliate.
Tom Pinnock Live
Our next Facebook live Showcase is this Friday 4 October with Tom Pinnock. Hear all the exciting details about the new 45/12 promotion and how you can revolutionise your business. This is a not-to-be-missed showcase, ‘like’ the Reliv Asia Pacific Facebook Page to receive a reminder when it’s on!
Bali Awaits
Win Your Way to Bali with Reliv! Qualify for this reward trip and luxuriate in the Reliv Lifestyle with flights, accommodation, tours and meals on this island paradise getaway. Read the flyer for details and make Bali your goal.