3-2-1 Promotion

Be rewarded with cash bonuses and product vouchers in the 3-2-1 promo when you share the Reliv products and opportunity.   And, there’s no limit to the number of bonuses and vouchers you can earn!  Who do you know?


Free Shipping

New Preferred Customers and Distributors enjoy FREE shipping when they join and order in February!  Who do you know?


Facebook Live Showcase

The next Facebook Live Showcase will be on Friday 19 February at 10am with special guest, Kari Montgomery, wife of President and Reliv Kalogris Foundation Chairman Scott Montgomery and a successful entrepreneur in her own right.  Kari has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you and will explain how and why she focusses on finding new customers.   Watch the Showcase live or tune in later in the day and be sure to share with your FB friends!


Getting in Shape

The last month of summer is the most crucial time to ensure you shed any unwanted kilos gained during lockdown and over Christmas and New Year.  You’re more inclined to eat less in summer and opt for a healthy salad instead of a heavy meal.  It’s also easier to go for a walk or swim when the sun is shining but if you are struggling, delicious tasting ReShape can help you get back in shape and stay in shape.  Loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals and special ingredients for weight wellness, swap one or two meals a day with ReShape and feel the difference!