Health Tips for Strong Reliv Women

At Reliv, we celebrate women’s health and well-being. We believe that optimal nutrition and healthy living are essential for women to be empowered and ready to move mountains. To show our support, here are some Reliv health tips for strong women everywhere.

Nourish the inside – Healthy aging has never been more simple – yes lotions and creams are great but until you nourish yourself on the inside the outside can’t follow the same healthy path. Reliv Nourish is packed with plant-based protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and protective antioxidants, including patented Pycnogenol. More than 170 studies have demonstrated Pycnogenol’s ability to fight free radical damage, helps to defend cells against premature aging and promote wellness. Reliv Nourish also includes LunaRich® to support your immune system and promote healthy cholesterol levels and inflammatory response.

Protect your joints – Did you know that women are more prone than men to have joint discomfort as they age? According to science, low levels of estrogen for women nearing menopause cause inflammation in their joints. To help keep you moving, Reliv has formulated Aaffect. Reliv A-affect is your nutritional approach to joint health. Just add one scoop to your favourite smoothie to receive over 20 ingredients that work together to help protect your joints from wear and tear, including:

  • Arthred®: hydrolyzed collagen protein, consisting of the same series of 18 amino acids that form the framework of human cartilage and are required for its generation.
  • Glucosamine: stimulates production of collagen, a key component of the fibrous substance that holds joints together

Balance your electrolytes
– Whether you’re at the gym, taking a walk or running after the kids your body loses electrolytes while you sweat, and these electrolytes are essential to regulate your nerve and muscle function. What’s a delicious and effective way to avoid dehydration? Take your Reliv Innergize shake wherever you go! With each scoop efficiently replacing the essential electrolytes sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, it’s the only sports drink you’ll need!

Reliv offers simple and effective nutritional products that encourage overall wellness, healthy aging, and a high quality of life. Visit our website to learn more about how our products can be customised for your lifestyle and specific health goals, and join us in giving cheers to strong Reliv women!



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