5 Immune System Myths to Bust


Your immune system is one of those things that everyone thinks they know a lot about. There are a lot of “Immune Boosting Tips” out there that aren’t effective. Here are just a few of the common Immunity Myths that we are busting!

  1. “Boosting” Your Immune System
    It really would be great if we could all just “boost” our immune systems the minute we feel sickness coming on. However, that just isn’t how it works. Your immune system needs support over time to maintain its strength and to fight off sickness. If you are doing the things to support your immune system (exercising, getting good sleep, keeping stress levels low, taking proper supplements) then you will be less likely to get sick. Immune Support is real Immune “boosting” is not.
  2. Vitamin C
    A lot of times when people are sick, or feel like they are getting sick, they think, “Oh! I know, I will stop at the store and pick up some Vitamin C!” And they expect it to be the thing that will fight their oncoming illness. Unfortunately, if you are already feeling something coming on, it is too late. Consistently taking Vitamin C can help with immune support but starting to take it after you are already feeling sick won’t kick your illness.
  3. Exercise 
    There is this weird thought going around that exercise will weaken your immune system. It is the opposite! Doing low to moderate exercise for 30 minutes to an hour helps support your immune system in a lot of ways. One of which is helping to lower stress levels!
  4. Stress can’t make me sick 
    Well… yes it can. Stress is one of those nasty things that we feel like we have no control over, and it affects us in ways we don’t realise. Stress lowers your immune fighting hormones which makes you more likely to get sick.
  5. The Immune System Works Independently 
    It would be amazing if your immune system worked independently. But it doesn’t it works with the rest of your body to protect and fight off sickness. Working especially close with your digestive system. Your gut health and immunity are pretty good buddies and work together to keep you feeling good and healthy. If you are taking care of your gut health, you are also taking care of your immune system.



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