Building Dreams with Reliv

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Each of us nurtures a dream in our hearts.  It could be a simple desire to spend a long weekend vacation in a beautiful island with your entire family or a trip out of the country with your spouse.  Your dream could be driving a brand new car or building your own house.  Whether big or small, these dreams are important parts of our lives because it gives us hope and motivates us to live with excitement each day and look forward to the future.

These dreams can remain incredible pictures in our minds or we can decide to work a little harder to achieve and enjoy it.  For almost ten years, we are happy to witness how our Distributors from the Philippines live their small and big dreams with Relìv.


A Home to Call Their Own

 Bronze Ambassadors Beverly and Vigee of Bacolod City almost left the country in 2005 to look for ‘greener pastures’ because they wanted to secure the future of their family. A doctor by profession, Beverly knew that nurses are in demand abroad and so she took and finished a nursing degree while Vigee was ready to give up his managerial job in their hometown. But while they were arranging their travel papers, Reliv came into their lives and it became the reason for them to stay home.

“We were ready to leave our kids and try our luck abroad,” recalls Vigee. “But we realized that Relìv can provide the residual income we needed to save for our children’s education and our family’s needs.  At that time, we were already doing the business for six months and have already earned Php700,000 (US$15,000).  The realization came to us – that there is a big income potential in Relìv.”

And so the couple stayed and focused on building their Relìv business.  Not long after, Vigee decided to retire early from his job to do Relìv full-time.  As their organization grew, a dream was born in their hearts and fueled their passion to continue building their business.

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“We’ve always wanted to have our own house but we never thought it was possible,” shares Beverly. “We were renting an apartment for more than 10 years.  Although both Vigee and I were working, our savings was not enough to buy our own place.  Aside from our family’s day-to-day expenses, we also have other responsibilities to take care of, the school needs of our children and we were also helping our respective families. That’s why we never expected that we would be able to buy our dream house.”

Because of their steady Relìv income, the couple started to dream again. They made a plan and allotted a portion of their earnings from their Relìv business specifically for their dream house. In 2008, they were able to buy a piece of land in an upscale area in their hometown. “We started with a lot.  We were thinking and hoping to build our house after a couple of years,” says Vigee.

With their passion and determination, Beverly and Vigee’s group expanded and their monthly income increased. After only six months, they decided it was time to build the house. The couple was more excited than ever. Beverly bought magazines and started designing their dream house. They didn’t hire an architect or designer because they’ve already have a picture of what they want their home to look like. It was a dream coming to life.

One night, Beverly asked Vigee and their kids to visit their almost finished project. While they were standing in front of the house and looking at it, Beverly went inside and turned on the lights and they were amazed at how beautiful it came out. It was exactly how they wanted it to be – exactly what they dreamed of.

The whole family was so emotional that night.  Vigee shares, “It felt so good to be standing right in front of our own home, our dream house. Our eldest child couldn’t believe it was just a plain piece of land four months ago. I told them that four years ago, it was just a dream.  And now, it has become a reality because of Relìv.”

They moved in to their beautiful home in September 2009. Beverly shares that their haven has helped them bond closer together. They’ve turned one of the rooms into their own Relìv office where they hold small group presentations and meetings.

“Words can’t describe the happiness we feel today,” says Vigee. “Some people work all their lives but never get the chance to build a house they can call their own. We are very fortunate that we have Relìv. Not only is our family healthier, Relìv also helped us stay together and be with our children every day. Relìv made us dream again and helped turn that vision into reality.”