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As the industry leader in core nutrition, Reliv offers you easy solutions for getting those essential nutrients that you probably don’t get from food alone. Reliv Nourish/Now contains an optimal blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs, with 7 grams of soy protein and Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich®.

“I have always believed that soy has tremendous health benefits,” says Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings.

Nobody does nutrition like Reliv. That’s because we put all of your core daily nutrition into one easy, convenient and tasty shake. You can stop wasting time, energy and money mixing and matching bottles of single-ingredient supplements. Reliv Nourish/Now is the ultimate multitasking nutrition formula that keeps up with your hectic lifestyle and makes nutrition simple.

Reliv Nourish/Now goes beyond a standard multivitamin pill, giving you more of everything your body needs.

25 Vitamins & Minerals:

Contains more vitamins and minerals than leading multivitamins. Nourish/Now contains 200% of the daily value of vitamin B6, one of the most common vitamins for which people are deficient. Vitamin B6 helps the body metabolize fats and proteins and is important for healthy hair, skin, eyes and liver. You also get double the amount of Vitamin E and as much as eight times of Vitamin C. In addition, Reliv Nourish/Now delivers optimum levels of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc.


Fights off excess free radicals, which can overwhelm your body’s defences and cause damage to your cells and DNA. Reliv Nourish/Now provides antioxidants not found in other popular vitamin brands, including patented Pycnogenol®—one of the most thoroughly researched ingredients available today. More than 170 studies have demonstrated Pycnogenol’s ability to fight free radical damage, improve blood circulation and lower blood glucose, among other benefits.


Packs a powerful protein punch. Doctors recommend 50 grams of protein daily, but most multivitamins contain none. Reliv Nourish/Now gives you 7 grams per serving of high-quality, soy protein. It’s a perfect addition to your breakfast smoothie or post-workout shake.

Bioavailability and Synergism:

Works in synergy to bring out the full potential of all the nutrients. No more choking down huge pills and wondering if they are getting absorbed properly. The powder formula of Reliv products gives your body easy access to their nutrients so you get the most out of your supplement.

“Reliv Nourish/Now is our flagship formula, providing optimal nutrition from guaranteed quality ingredients,” says Dr. Carl. “Our core nutrition formulas are the cornerstone of your Reliv nutrition.”

You work hard and your nutrition should do the same. Reliv Nourish/Now, order yours today!


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