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By Reliv Asia Pacific Sales Manager Bernie Birch

There is one sure-fire way to make your Reliv business stronger – sponsoring.  It’s the lifeblood of any network marketing business and there are simple steps to help you become successful at this critically important business building activity.  I’ve borrowed some ideas from others and added them to what I’ve learned throughout my career and my life.

1 – Know Your Why

This is one of the most powerful things you can do to assist in making your Reliv business a success.  Take the time to really understand why you are doing the business.  This is something that I truly believe and have trained on many times and I know that if you do this properly it will change the way you commit to your business.

Many top income producers in network marketing companies say knowing your WHY is very important because there is often a story behind the glory.

By undertaking this exercise you will give yourself every chance of increasing your sponsoring results:

  • Always hand write every reason you are doing Reliv on a sheet of paper.
  • Take your top three most important reasons and DIG even deeper.
  • Ask yourself WHY this is very important to you.
  • Then ask, “Why is that important?”
  • Then ask, “Why is that important?”
  • Find your CORE EMOTIONAL REASON WHY failure is not an option.

You’ll know when you’ve hit the true core emotional reason because you’ll actually feel the emotion.  The first answer you give yourself is from your head.  The deeper you delve by keep on asking why gets you closer and closer until you feel it in your heart.  Then you know this is it!

  • Write it down on a card and keep that card with you so you can read it over and over again – every day!

Always write any intentions you have by hand because it is simply more powerful.  Research has shown that when you write by hand, you trigger thousands more neuron path ways in your brain than by just simply typing it on a computer.  This is why writing things down is so much more powerful and by reading it regularly you benefit because whatever you focus on most of the time is what you get in life.

Always remember the reason why you are willing to pay any price to build your business.

2 – Use Proven Tools

Check with your upline leaders to find the best, most effective tools you can use to present your business opportunity.  Reliv offers great sponsoring tools such as the Mobile App, video presentations, the Presentation Booklet and online sign-up.

All of these are effective, but follow what your top earner upline is doing because for them to have that much success, they are doing something right.

In addition, make sure before you do your presentation, you have everything set up properly and review it a number of times as if you were the prospect.  Understand all the options for getting started and how to sign someone up (sponsoring) after they view the presentation.

When you do ask your prospects questions, ask them the right questions.  If you have no idea what to say, speak to your sponsor or upline Master Affiliate.  The F.O.R.M. method works well. Everyone wants to talk about or has issues in one or more of these areas – Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money.

3 – Ask for Their Business always!

This is very important, always ask for them to join your business or, if they are not interested, for their business (buying products).

If they tell you “I want to think about it”.  That’s okay, just schedule a time to get back with them or schedule a 3-way call with your upline leader to help answer any questions they might have – always leverage and edify your upline leaders!

The real challenge is you may doubt the process or doubt yourself.   Reliv has a number of webinars on our training website that discusses how to overcome self-doubt.  No matter how you look at it or even try to mix the puzzle pieces, building a network marketing business that is profitable is all about connecting with as many people as possible, guiding them into your simple business presentation and following up to collect a decision.

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”



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