My 6 Word Reliv Story…

Everybody has a story, and this month we’re challenging Reliv Australia and New Zealand distributors to share theirs … in just 6 words! How has Reliv changed your life? Improved your health? Grown your finances?

Here are some examples from Reliv International:

  • Regaining my health, rebuilding my wealth. – Tony Pezzullo of Michigan
  • Addition of nutrition improves my condition. – Sandy Kizior of Illinois
  • At last I love my job! – Anne Gutierrez of France
  • Reliv gave me my life back. – Betty Buccine of Pennsylvania

Email your 6 word Reliv story to and if we feature yours in the next Lifestyle Magazine we’ll send you out a Reliv prize in your next order. There are hats, scarves and more to be won!

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