Stop These BAD Habits

More and more health-conscious people are making exercise a regular part of their daily routine. If you run, pivot, or play you already know flexibility to exercise is vital to your continued mobility. However, the wear and tear of an active lifestyle, compounded by the effects of aging, makes it difficult to maintain healthy joint function. Did you know, that at the age of 30, you start to lose bone density and muscle mass which can cause joint discomfort? Protect your joint health by avoiding these three bad habits:

1. Poor posture –Slouching, slumping, leaning, and other types of poor posture may cause muscle tension, as well as back pain, joint pain, and reduced circulation. If you work at a computer, try to take a break, and stand up every 30 minutes. Better yet, go for a short walk if you can.

2. Inactivity – A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of multiple illnesses, including osteoarthritis. Add physical activity to your daily routine by riding your bike to work, walking to the shops, or taking the stairs.

3. Rough exercise – Did you know that a high-impact workout can damage your cartilage? If you’re starting a new workout regimen, begin slow by stretching, walking, or swimming to keep yourself active without pushing your joints to their limits.

Joint health is essential to anyone who wants to live their life to the fullest, and as you age, more than ever, nutritional supplementation needs to become part of your daily routine. That’s why Reliv products aren’t just for overall wellness they’re also formulated to help support your body as it ages.

Just one scoop of A-affect added to your favourite smoothie provides over 20 ingredients that work together to help protect your joints from wear and tear, including:

Glucosamine: natural compound found to be effective in rebuilding cartilage, protecting against joint deterioration, and promoting healthy joint function. It also stimulates production of collagen, a key component of the fibrous substance that holds joints together.

Arthred®: hydrolyzed collagen protein, consisting of the same series of amino acids that form the framework of human cartilage and are required for its generation.

Boswellin: herb used in Eastern medicine to help with joint and muscle swelling.

Ashwagandha: herb that reduces inflammation and relieves discomfort.

A-affect is more than simply a solution to a problem, it also provides prevention for the future. Whether you’re a marathon runner or a casual golfer your joints will suffer wear and tear over the years, and A-affect assists in allowing you to maintain your healthy, active lifestyle.

Start early and enjoy healthier joints as you age!

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