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What is Reliv? Good question. Opening night of the 2015 International Conference focused on providing an answer, a strong statement of who and what we are. Here we’ve outlined the main points from that evening’s presentation. As you’ll see, the real question is not “What is Reliv?” but rather “What can Reliv do for YOU?”

Our Mission: To Nourish Our World in body, mind and spirit.
Our Message: Don’t just live. Reliv.

BODY [Feel your best]

  • Enjoy optimal health and fitness.
    How? Embracing an active lifestyle and a preventive approach to good health.
  • Fuel your body with advanced nutrition.
    How? Putting Reliv’s superior approach to supplementation, The Reliv Difference, to work for you.
  • Turn on your good genes.
    How? Incorporating LunaRich®, the first epigenetic superfood, into your Reliv nutrition regimen.


MIND [Live life to the fullest]

  • Earn what you’re worth.
    How? Launching a Reliv business and getting paid through Reliv’s industry-leading compensation plan.
  • Experience financial freedom and personal growth.
    How? Building an organization, leading its growth and generating residual income for life.
  • Enjoy the life you’ve always wanted.
    How? Making lifelong friends, seeing the world and being recognized for what you’ve accomplished.


SPIRIT [Make a difference]

  • Feed needy people around the world.
    How? Building your business and therefore building awareness and support for the Reliv Kalogris Foundation.
  • Help people feel better.
    How? Sharing the life-changing health benefits of Reliv nutrition.
  • Help people live better… starting with YOU!
    How? Improving your life by showing others how they can improve theirs through the Reliv opportunity.


Watch what we are! Click here to view the “What is Reliv?” conference opening video as well as a clip of President Ryan Montgomery’s opening address.

What does Reliv mean to you? Share your story on Facebook or email us at relivaumkt@relivinc.com!

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