Working it from home


Don’t let working from home make you feel isolated. Every day is a new opportunity to get out there, leverage your contact list and share your Reliv story with the world! Here are a few of our tips to get you moving and motivated whilst working your Reliv business from home!

Home Office Space

With so many distractions at home it can be hard to stay motivated. Designing the right space at home to work your Reliv business will help keep you focussed on the task at hand. Finding the right work space in your home is important. Where and how can you be the most productive? Some people use a spare room, or incorporate a desk into their bedrooms while others work their business right from their kitchen bench. A home office doesn’t have to be a stuffy dark room. It can be an extension of your home and your personality – bright and colourful, sleek and minimalistic, elegant and opulent.Clutter can easily distract you from your work, making working from home completely unproductive, so make sure your space is organised and functional! Check out our Pinterest page for some great home office space ideas!

Inspiration Boards

Here at Reliv Australia and New Zealand we use Pinterest to create our inspiration boards. Whether it’s healthy living tips, Reliv recipe picks or quotes we love, our boards keep us motivated and inspired to always achieve more. Try putting a board above your desk space at home, that way every time you’re working you’ll be inspired for the day ahead.

To do lists and goal charts!

Just like in an office, it’s important to create your to-do list for the day and stick to it. Creating a list lets you prioritise what tasks are most important. Do you have a doctor’s appointment in the morning? Do you need to pick the kids up from extracurricular activities in the afternoon? Creating a schedule allows you to put the most important items at the top of your list so you can block out time to attend to your other responsibilities.

In order to move forward and achieve success we must recognise how far we’ve already come. This is where goal setting comes into play. Writing down your goals and marking them off once they’ve been achieved will not only leave you with a great sense of accomplishment, but it ensures that you stay on track and will encourage you to set new goals! Our new Reliv Asia Pacific Mobile App makes it easy for you to track your progress using the ‘Activity’ icon. The ‘Activity’ icon encourages you to set goals, track your progress and then email these to your upline who can help you measure your progress!


We know nothing will happen in your business until someone, somewhere hears about Reliv. There is always someone out there who hasn’t heard about Reliv but can definitely benefit from its top nutrition and business opportunity. All it takes is a phone call, a skype call or inviting them to the next opportunity meeting, to get someone interested in Reliv!  Who will you share Reliv with today?

Reliv Nutrition

Before you can project your positivity to others, you first need to feel good on the inside. Start your day with Reliv Now shake. Once that goodness has entered your body you’ll feel ready for anything! How do you work it from home?  Let us know on Facebook and keep the conversation going!

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