10 Tips to Prepare for Full-Time Entrepreneurship

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The decision to become an entrepreneur can be very exciting, but it also presents unique challenges. Whether you’re just starting a Reliv business or eager to leave your corporate job and become a full-time Distributor, these tips will come in handy.

1. Have patience. Starting your own business will be a learning process. There will be curveballs that you aren’t expecting! Do not let these discourage you. Be patient. It will take time to make money and there’s nothing wrong with that.

2. Pay attention to long-term and short-term goals. Before you do anything, you need to set goals. How much money do you want to make in the short term? The long term? Goals will keep you motivated so write them somewhere you will see often.

3. Make a plan. Get a calendar and be ready to use it! You need to carve out time to work your business. This schedule will help you balance your business with other aspects of life. Add designated times on your calendar to refrain from checking your email or voicemail. You run your own business now, but you still deserve rest. Set boundaries so people follow them, including you.

4. Find a mentor. Identify someone you can go to for advice. A mentor can provide the encouragement and guidance you need to succeed. Whether they are an entrepreneur themselves or not, the most important thing is that they share your values.

5. Practice time management. To-do lists are a great tool for time management. You will be more motivated to take action with a prioritised list in front of you of things that need to be done.

6. Avoid perfectionism. It is great to have ambitious goals for yourself and expectations to make money and run a successful business. But strict perfectionism can hurt you in the end. Your self-confidence will suffer if your expectations are too high. Remind yourself that you will learn from your mistakes and move on.

7. Have a backup plan. Hopefully you make big money from the get-go, but a gradual build is more likely. Make sure you have a plan in place to keep yourself financially secure while starting your endeavour.

8. Create a support system. Surround yourself with those who are willing to help and support your dream. Find people you can share successes and failures with, and reach out to when you need help.

9. Remember why you started. What made you start your business in the first place? Where is that motivation and inspiration? Don’t lose sight of your end goals and your whole reason behind your hard work.

10. Be confident. You can do this! If you didn’t think you could, you wouldn’t have started. Follow your dream of owning a business and have faith in yourself that in time you will get to where you want to be.

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