The “Dos” of To-Do Lists

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If you are anything like me, you like to make a list and be able to cross off everything by the end of the day. It’s a sense of accomplishment! But it’s easier said than done. Need some help? Here are 6 “Dos” you should consider for the next time you make a list — it just might help you get a few more things done.


  1. DO write it all down. Even if you completed a task an hour ago, it will feel good to write it down and be able to cross if off. Your list should also include talking to people about Reliv! If you’re a new Distributor, the most important to-do on your list is to find someone who doesn’t know about Reliv and then telling them about it.
  1. DO cross everything off. There is a sense of victory and accomplishment in crossing things off a list. (If it makes you feel better and you can even do it in red pen!)
  1. DO prioritize the list. Put the most important things or people you need to talk to at the top. Something that can be done later in the week can go at the end of the list. If something has a due date or a deadline, write that on the list as well.
  1. DO make your list visible (and mobile). Have your to-do list on a bright piece of paper that will grab your attention and be easy to find in a stack of papers. Having it on paper versus on your laptop or tablet means you can take it with you to appointments and not have to rely on technology. Place it somewhere where you will see it often, like your refrigerator door or kitchen bench.
  1. DO start a new list regularly. Whether you like your lists to be daily, weekly or monthly, keep it consistent. This will help you stick to your personal goals and deadlines.
  1. DO cut yourself some slack when everything isn’t crossed off on schedule. You are not a superhero. Life happens and you cannot be upset with yourself because of it. Simply start a new list and put those unfinished items at the very top.

Now go make a list and feel productive!

Helpful Tip: Learn how making a list can help you achieve big success with Reliv. View video.

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