Social Support

The people you keep around you, have a direct impact on your health. As much as we wish it weren’t the case, it is a hundred and ten percent true. Your Social Support System has an effect in more ways than you could be realizing. What does Social Support even mean? When we say “Social […]

How Reliv Helped Me Launch My First MLM Business

  This post was original published by Reliv International and written by Reliv Director Elizabeth Hill As I walked across the stage and received my diploma, I had never been more uncertain about my future career. I had spent hundreds of hours working toward my music degree, rehearsing, and preparing for a career that I couldn’t […]

Why I Chose Reliv

                        By Director David Enniss This post was adopted from Reliv International I first was introduced to Reliv in high school when my mother and I went on the products. I graduated high school and was considering careers that did not offer residual income. […]

How To Find A Mentor & Be A Mentor

                      This post was adopted from Reliv International. By President of Sales & Marketing Tom Pinnock Finding your mentor is one of the most important first steps in your Reliv business, so reach out to your upline and don’t try to do this business by yourself. […]

The Reliv Story

Who We Are Reliv is a wellness company that researches, develops and manufactures nutritional supplements to address the most fundamental of human needs – good health through balanced nutrition. Scoring a Victory for Mankind The creator of the first Reliv products was the late Dr Theodore Kalogris, who after returning injured from WWII, worked as […]

5 Things We Learned From The Winter Olympics

                The Winter Olympics have come to a close and Champions have been rewarded, but we are still in an Olympics state of mind. There is so much that we can learn from these inspiring athletes beyond their health and fitness routines. It’s easy to overlook the non-tangible […]

How to Write an Elevator Speech

                          This post first originally published by Reliv International. An Elevator Speech is a very short, direct message about the “why” surrounding you and your product. It communicates in a concise manner the benefits (not features) of your product and WHY YOU believe […]

The “Dos” of To-Do Lists

This post was adopted from Reliv International If you are anything like me, you like to make a list and be able to cross off everything by the end of the day. It’s a sense of accomplishment! But it’s easier said than done. Need some help? Here are 6 “Dos” you should consider for the next […]

5 Tips to Help You Concentrate on Concentrating

This post was adopted from Reliv International. Ever find yourself thinking one million thoughts at once? You’re not alone. We are constantly trying to multitask and cram too many things into one little day — or even one little moment. Many of us struggle with getting anything done because we can’t focus. Stop the craze! These simple […]

10 Steps to Help Parents Balance Work and Family

                                (This post was adopted from Reliv International) Ever find yourself overwhelmed and stressed because you just came home from an 8-hour workday and your kids are crying – one wants help with homework, the other wants you to play […]

4 Reasons to Write Thank You Cards

According to author Melody Beattie, “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Gratitude is a fundamental concept to grasp, but a difficult art to master. One way to start is to literally put pen to paper in the form of a thank you card. Here are […]

10 Things to Do Right Now for Success

Robert Laird is a Reliv Key Director from Garden Grove, California. Here he shares his top tips for building your success every day. Success doesn’t happen tomorrow; it starts today. It is the right combination of dreams, goals and actions that lead to incredible rewards. It is also a choice. You can choose to take […]

The Secret to Achieving Your Goals!

The secret to achieving your goals can be no more elusive than searching for your keys in the dark – the point is it isn’t easy. Goals are a benchmark we set when we feel we haven’t yet reached a point in our life, naturally they have to challenge us to be worthy of a […]


Fore! Lessons for Life From Reliv’s (Golf) Pros

August is National Golf Month, and Reliv professionals have lessons to share from their time on the course. Their advice translates beautifully from the game into entrepreneurship and life. Ryan Montgomery, President Golf can be a roller coaster. One day can be your career best, and the next day it all falls apart. I’ve learned […]

Reliv’s Australia and New Zealand 2013 Take the Lead Conference

Take the Lead (Verb): An unyielding sense of determination to take on new challenges, reach new heights and achieve big goals. This year we asked our distributors to stand up, stand tall and get ready – to take the lead! Not only was the Australia and New Zealand annual conference a whole lot of fun, […]