Reliv’s Australia and New Zealand 2013 Take the Lead Conference


Take the Lead (Verb): An unyielding sense of determination to take on new challenges, reach new heights and achieve big goals.

This year we asked our distributors to stand up, stand tall and get ready – to take the lead! Not only was the Australia and New Zealand annual conference a whole lot of fun, but it was the most inspiring conference yet!

Reliv is taking the lead in products…

Our new, versatile and deliciously satisfying scientifically formulated meal replacement, Reliv ReShape was launched at Conference to overwhelming enthusiasm.  The first meal replacement in Australia and New Zealand to contain LunaRich and packed with 12 grams of non-GMO high quality soy protein and optimal levels of all the vitamins and minerals you need to keep you going until your next meal.  If you skip breakfast, want something light before heading to the gym or simply  a nutritious meal, ReShape is the answer.  Get in shape, stay in shape  – Reliv ReShape!

Reliv is taking the lead in innovation and business…

Our very own Sales Manager Bernie Birch talked about the Ignition Strategy  and how , it  makes it easier to build your business or to simply enjoy our great Reliv products. Tweet all about it! You can now find Reliv on more and more social media channels, making it easier to share us around and learn more.

Reliv is taking the lead in the past, present and future… 

This year we celebrated twenty-five years of leadership and vision. Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Brett Hastings dazzled us Aussies and Kiwis reminding us what sets Reliv apart.  With two generations of leadership, cutting edge science and a boom in the Asia-Pacific region, Reliv is taking on the future with it’s best foot forward.



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