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The beginning of a new school year is here. Pencils, new shoes, and notebooks are important, but your children’s health is the biggest key to making this school year successful for the whole family.

Rise and Shine

Establish a morning routine. Determine how long each task in the morning takes for your family and add some extra time for mishaps. The best thing for you to do is tell your children how their morning will run and then set an example.

Breakfast is an essential meal of the day and a great opportunity to fit in some extra family moments. By following a schedule, your children will develop time management skills that are vital to living a life as stress-free as possible.

Bathroom Break

Remind children to wash their hands often. Since hand washing is the first line of defence against germs, make sure to follow these three simple steps to ensure your children know the proper technique:

1. Use warm water.

2. Lather hands up for about 20 seconds – about the amount of time it takes to sing the alphabet – in between the fingers, under the nails and on the wrists where uninvited germs like to hang out.

3. Dry with a clean towel every time.


Children over age six need at least an hour of physical activity each day. Common recess activities such as tag and jump rope are a wonderful way to get their heart rate up.

Have another recess when they get home from school. Challenge your kids to a race outside or start up a game of soccer. You’ll all get a good workout and establish health as a family value.

Lunch Time

Although school lunch programs are starting to develop healthier menus, the best way to know that your child is getting the right nutrition is to send it with them from home.

● Skip the pre-packaged chips and cookies. Instead send a snap lock bag full of bite-sized veggies like carrots, cucumber and celery.

● Turn a standard sandwich into a wrap to perk up your child’s lunch and try adding different sauces like pesto, mustard and aioli for some extra flavour they’ll love!

● Make lunch fun by putting a salad in a plastic container with dressing they can pour in and shake together.


School-aged children need 10-11 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep can weaken the immune system, making children more susceptible to viruses lingering around the classroom. Children often have a hard time disconnecting from technology at bedtime, so keep the television and computer out of the bedroom. Also avoid giving your child caffeine during the day. Keep your children’s rooms quiet, dark and cool for an environment centred on sleep.

Shake It Up

Another way to provide your children with optimal nutrition is to make them a shake with Reliv Now® for Kids with soy protein for optimal cellular health. Even the pickiest eaters will get the nutrients they need to develop properly.

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