Don’t Make the Mistake of Missing Breakfast


“I don’t have time for breakfast.” Does this sound like you? We’ve all been guilty of putting our morning meals at the bottom of the priority list; typically somewhere between getting the kids ready for school and running late for the train. While the odd missed breakfast might seem innocent enough, you’re actually missing out on a number of benefits that eating breakfast brings!

Helps you maintain a healthy weight

Research shows that eating breakfast can boost energy levels and metabolism. Breakfast fills you up, meaning you are less likely to experience hunger pangs throughout the day and resort to snacking on high energy, high fat foods and overeating later in the day. It also suppresses concentrations of insulin, a hormone in our body that encourages fat cells to take up fatty acids and store them. Breakfast also happens to be the easiest time to get in heart-healthy fibre from whole grain cereal and oats, which can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol!

Essential Nutrition

Getting the right balance of nutrients during the day, every day, is key for your health. When you miss breakfast, you’re also missing out on the essential nutrients that come with it. By eating breakfast you are more likely to meet the recommended dietary intakes of vitamins and minerals.Without the fundamental vitamins your brain needs to kick into gear, your performance at work is likely to be affected, too.

Improves alertness, concentration, mental performance, mood and memory

Skipping breakfast can often leave you feeling ‘fuzzy’; this is because your brain is starving for energy. Your brain requires energy in the form of glucose from nutritious foods such as grainy bread, breakfast cereals, fruit and milk at breakfast in order to function at its best throughout the day. So if you have a big day to get through it pays to have a healthy meal first thing in the morning. It’s important to note that eating breakfast has been linked with an improvement in literacy and numeracy skills in school children. Let the kids enjoy Reliv Now® For Kids blended with fruit and yogurt for a nutritious breakfast that will keep them focussed in their classes.

Still not convinced you’ve got time for breakfast? Reliv can help!

You can fuel up with deliciously satisfying ReShape. It’s perfect for people who tend to skip meals and lack the time to prepare a healthy breakfast. All it takes is two scoops mixed with water, or add some fruit or flavours for a change!



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