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In this day and age thousands of people have built a successful business with no more than a computer and ambition. I’ve recently read into some ‘need-to-know how’ articles on using technology to your advantage when running a business. I’ve put together what I thought were stand out tips for all users of technology – whether you’re a software programmer or dusting off the keyboard for the second time this year. (I’m not here to judge, we can all Tweet about it later!)

Tip #1 There’s no such thing as being technologically challenged

Don’t get me wrong, everyone learns at a different pace and has access to different levels of technology. I’m here to assure you it’s not as scary as it seems! It really is the day and age where if you can’t work something out you can Google it, in fact if you learn to do one thing on the internet make it how to utilize Google as a search engine. WikiHow has put together a comprehensive guide on how to use Google search to your advantage and I recommend you take a look if interested.

Tip #2 The must haves for your foundation

When building a business from the desk up you need a few basic accounts. Louis Lautman, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Society suggests equipping yourself with free accounts such as Gmail for your email, cloud computing storage folders to back up information at and for keeping in contact with clients.

Tip#3 Keep yourself organised

Tom Hopkins from highlights the importance of having the right software for the job. There is plenty of free to economically priced software out there to aid your business and keep you organised. Use a calendar for example that you can access across your devices such as Google Calendar. Another favourite of mine for jotting down important notes and reminders is Evernote.

Tip#4 Prepare to be social

It’s no good keeping a good thing under wraps, using social media to network and expand your clientele will make dramatic improvements to any venture.  Facebook helps with keeping in touch with customers, LinkedIn builds your professional profile and Twitter is a good way to keep up-to-date with play by play news and information.

The biggest thing to remember when delving into the world of technology is it can be a great experience. Teaching yourself through guides and videos on YouTube are always a sure thing, also consider taking a short course at your community Tafe.

What’s a site or program you use for your business that you swear by? Join in the conversation below or tell us on Facebook!


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