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Over the years it seems a growing number of health myths have crept into our daily lives with the ambitious promise of larger than life results. Working in a pharmacy for several years I saw the latest and greatest of misconstrued health queries- I couldn’t really blame customers though as I too often struggled to make sense of all the ‘scientific’ mumbo-jumbo.  The Health and Well Being section at has listed a number of health myths we’ve fallen for over the years – I’ve picked the four most interesting and possibly surprising.

Noisy joints are a sign of arthritis

0010827875P-1280x1920Verdict: Possible

When we crack our knuckles we’re releasing gas from the joints – scientifically certified to be harmless. However, certain ‘clunks’ or cracks paired with pain could be a sign of osteoarthritis or ‘crepitus’ and should be checked by your local GP. Read on for the full article

Hot food and plastic bowls shouldn’t mix

Wonton soupVerdict: Possible

For the most part your good old take away plastics are safe to use when consuming hot foods. The risk of plastic poisoning is relatively low considering you’d have to have several hundred servings a day. You should however avoid heating plastic containers that contain harmful plastics such as BPA in the microwave. Read on for the full article

Yoga can be dangerous

0008576303R-565x849Verdict: False

Like any exercise there can be inherent risks, but Yoga when done right is an exercise recommended by physicians. The main thing to be careful of is that you take exercises slow and recognize your skill level. Read on for the full article

Eating too much wheat can be bad for your health

0007917104R-1920x1280Verdict: False

Unless you have intolerance or allergies to wheat don’t avoid it! Whole grains are encouraged in a healthy diet and studies suggest less than half of Australia’s population are getting enough. Cutting back on wheat in your diet can however help with symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and should be discussed with your GP. Read on for the full article



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