You might be ready for summer, but is your skin?


Summer is in reach and as we look forward to the warmer weather and spending more time outdoors, it is important to ensure we’re keeping our skin healthy! While those sun rays may feel wonderful, the effects of sun exposure may not feel as great over time.

Australia has some of the highest UV levels in the world: in fact UV radiation is strong enough to cause sunburn in just 11 minutes on a fine January day. As the iconic saying goes, we’ve got to remember to Slip, Slop, Slap; Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat, and also remember to keep our bodies and skin hydrated.

In addition to these measures, Reliv can help keep your skin healthy and looking great. Our women’s r collection contains many of the same ingredients that fuel Reliv’s powerful internal nutrition and are available in a targeted topical range of products to repair, replenish and revitalise your skin. The unique formulas in Reliv’s r collection for women combine the power of our exclusive RA7 Complex with two patented technologies that work together to meet all your skin’s individual needs.

r cleanser balanced facial wash + RA7

The proprietary RA7 Nutrient Complex, which includes many of the same nutrients found in Reliv’s most popular nutritional formulas (soy, omega 3, CoQ10, ALA, Pycnogenol®, green tea, vitamin A)

which means… your skin benefits from an exclusive combination of potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and essential fatty acids that work synergistically to combat environmental damage, slow the aging process and nourish your skin at the cellular level.

r day balanced moisturizer +RA7

Contains SPF 15 helps guard against sun damage.

Rich emollients hydrate the skin all day.

Amino peptides help promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin, creating younger, healthier-looking skin.

GABA naturally relaxes facial muscles, reducing the look of lines and wrinkles.

r night moisture +RA7

210% increase in skin hydration in just minutes.

Advanced Human Oligo-Peptide-20 works at the molecular level to provide almost 100% protection against collagen depletion.

Significantly reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles.

Paraben free

r eye complex + RA7

Visibly reduces lines and wrinkles in just one hour.

50% reduction in appearance of deep wrinkles in just one week with regular use.

OxyPeptide increases skin respiration and oxygenation, creating healthier, younger-looking skin.

MicroCollagen helps plump and smooth skin.

Paraben free.

Contact lens safe.

r body revitalizing moisture

To accompany Reliv’s r collection, r body’s unique synergistic array of nutrients works at the cellular level to improve firmness and tone, fade age and sun spots, reduce redness and improve the look of rough, dimpled skin.

We experience the world through our skin and it’s important we savour the experience! Use Reliv r collection to help prevent UV damage and keep your skin hydrated, and you’ll be ready to enjoy summer!

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