Mumpreneur: Are you one?


A growing number of mogul mums have taken on the direct selling world this year. According to the Direct Selling Association there’s been almost a 20 per cent rise in numbers of these savvy women who are triumphantly running their business at home with the kids.

At the thought of rigid hours, expensive childcare and commuting it doesn’t surprise me when mums are apprehensive to return to work. Direct selling offers a number of great benefits including financial freedom, more time with loved ones and more energy to do what you want to do and run a business the way you want to. Flexibility, prosperity and fun are all words synonymous with direct selling and all point towards a happier life balance.

If the above has got you listening then you’ll want to read on because I’ve found some great tips for people and mums in particular that work from home;

Set the scene for success. Finding an area at home that is all yours can be difficult, but start with something simple like a table and one day you might even promote yourself to a complete office. Treat your space at home like you would space at work, you may be talking to clients in your pyjamas at home but don’t let toys and animals get in the way of your productivity.

Home-Office-Decoration recommended the following things to organize your at home space;

  • Stow work materials away in a neat basket under the desk
  • Reclaim an unused corner with a desk and cabinet
  • Invest in a folding free-standing screen for a bit more privacy and double up noticeboard
  • Pick a comfortable and supportive desk chair
  • Old jars make perfect stationary holders!
  • A desk top tray is a great way to be mobile around your house when you’re tending to mum duties.

Business must haves. Working independently can be a challenge at times which could explain why mums are flocking to direct marketing. The support a direct marketing company provides its distributors in cutting out overheads and store front costs, being backed by a developed brand and international presence sure does put the mind at ease for new business goers.


Sometimes even the basic business tools can be hard to pin point when you’re trying to gain momentum in your business.

Starting from the basics here are a few essentials recommend;

  • Fast internet connection
  • Email access
  • A voicemail service
  • A mobile phone
  • Fax facilities

The convenience and independence of working from home is an invaluable balance to have in life. Whether you’re a mum or wanting to break from the usual work routine – direct selling is a great way to live life and be successful in a profitable business. A laptop (the more portable the better!)







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