The Power of the Pomegranate


Throughout history, pomegranates have inspired artists, writers, and countless cultures as a symbol of good fortune. Recently, clinical studies have revealed what good fortune this juicy, crowned fruit can offer you in addition to its unique and sweet taste. As it turns out, this tree-grown treat is one of the best fruits out there for you! Punicalagins, compounds found only in pomegranates, are to thank for many of the fruit’s powerful health benefits, especially its heart benefits. Punicalagins have been shown to lower both cholesterol and blood pressure.

Possibilities with Pomegranate
Fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients fit for healthy eating. So, what sets the pomegranate apart from any other fruit? Pomegranates have some of the best health-boosting nutrients out there all packed into one little fruit. In addition to heart benefits, pomegranates offer several other benefits as well:

  • Clean Teeth: Pomegranate juice contains polyphenolic flavonoids, which contain antibacterial properties. These flavonoids have been shown to have the same benefits for your teeth as a prescription mouthwash.
  • Controlled Cholesterol: This fruit has paraoxonase, a group of enzymes in our bodies that help prevent LDL “bad” cholesterol build-up in our arteries. This is one of the best ways to protect your heart! Keep control of cholesterol with any one of Reliv’s LunaRich products.
  • Avoiding Arthritis: Pomegranates also have anti-inflammatory properties that have the ability to protect joints from the painful effects of arthritis. Try Aaffect® for additional joint health benefits!
  • Full-on Fibre: Pomegranates are packed with fibre; one fruit contains enough to fulfil a quarter of your daily recommended intake. Because of this, they make you feel full and keep you from over-eating. Include FibRestore® to reach your daily recommended amount of fibre.
  • Skin Health: Pomegranates contain antioxidants including ellagic acid which prevent damage to your skin by UV rays.

Tis the Season
Only in season between November and March, you may want to tag pomegranates or pomegranate juice on your next grocery list. Between their incredible historical influence and their multiple health benefits, pomegranates are your answer to finding a healthy snack and avoiding holiday sweets.



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