The Truth About Holiday Weight Gain


This post was adopted from Reliv International

In the chaos of travel, family, food, and shopping, it’s hard to feel like yourself! After Christmas and New Year, you’re guaranteed to feel the extra water weight from the heavy meals and treats. However, by making smart choices after those days, that water weight will become a distant, sugar-laden memory. I won’t really gain a couple of kilos during the holidays and neither will you!

Most of us have been led to believe that holiday weight gain is inevitable. This is a myth! We are so sold on this notion that we significantly overestimate the amount of weight we can actually gain. By the time January rolls around most of us think we have put on 2-4kgs when in reality the average holiday indulgences add up to around just 500grams. That’s pretty good news, but the flip side is that most of us don’t lose that after the holiday season, and it contributes to the “weight creep” that occurs over months and years.

ReShape is your post-holiday recovery plan! Dig out your weekly Fit3 tracking sheet and pick a couple of things you CAN do today! You CAN take your Reliv shake and drink lots of water. It’s also almost time for resolutions, so start now by hitting the gym or going for a walk with a friend! You don’t have to do anything crazy or dramatic. Just do something today to get yourself back on track to making better choices.

Another strategy is to get rid of the leftovers! Yes, throwing them away will be a little painful, but not every day is a holiday. We will go back to our busy lives and stay on track!

Remember this through the end of this year and as you enter the New Year. Make a choice today that you will feel good about tomorrow!

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