Enjoy the Christmas pudding without looking like one!


The giving season has arrived! Christmas music rules the radio, wreaths dress our doors and Christmas trees glow bright. As families prepare for this year’s holiday season, kitchens everywhere will begin to smell of cinnamon, Christmas cake and every dangerously sweet treat we avoided so carefully all year long.

For many, the holidays are an annual excuse to splurge. Whether you’re at the office Christmas party or your family Christmas celebration, you will undoubtedly find yourself surrounded by food all month long. After a full year of eating smart, having your daily Reliv shakes and exercising, it’s about time for a reward. You deserve it! Careful, though; you can enjoy all your favourite treats this holiday season by just keeping in mind a few quick tips.

Get up and Go
Schedule your daily exercise in the morning. A study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise discovered women who start their day with a quick workout had a burst of energy the rest of the day and cravings for healthier foods! Start your day with a scoop of Innergize and A-affect for boosted performance, endurance, recovery and repair for you morning routine.

Be Picky
When walking through the Christmas buffet, don’t fill your plate just to fill it. Pick out a moderate supply of your holiday favorites.

Don’t Come Hungry
In other words, eat regularly. Don’t skip meals to leave space for two servings of grandma’s plum pudding, later. Skipping meals will only shut down your metabolism. Drinking water beforehand is a great way to help you feel full faster. Mix up a delicious shake of ReShape for a great holiday prep to help you feel fuller, longer.

Hit the Road
Find an excuse to step away from the meal for a quick brisk walk around the block. Taking a brief break from the food and getting your body moving will speed up digestion and work off any extra servings. But it’s Christmas; a time to be with the family! So, grab a few family members to tag along and keep the holiday guilt-free for everyone! Come prepared by starting your day with a nutritious serving of Now for all the essentials.

Decorate Your Plate
Christmas is all about the reds and the greens! So, be festive and fill your plate halfway with vegetables. This will help you limit yourself from the gigantic scoops of potatoes or any extra room for more stuffing.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy It!
Don’t spoil the holidays by abandoning all your hard work and effort! Celebrate and enjoy your favorite holiday treats without the guilty conscience and upset stomach! Follow these tips and be sure to come prepared with all your favorite Reliv shakes for an added boost of control and energy for the happiest of holidays!

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