Good Mood Foods – Are you in the know?

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Feeling good can be hard to do in the midst of balancing life and its pressures – but eating the right foods could prove to be the boost we all need. Studies have found balanced nutrition management in everyday life can impact on depression and our over-all wellbeing.  Studies have shown how our mood has changed over the years and in little over a decade and the impact it has on our health.

In 10 years

  • There has been a decline in fruit and vegetable intake (folic acid), fish intake (essential fats)
  • There has been an increase in sugar consumption
  •  Increased psychological demands could result in greater nutritional needs

When the body doesn’t receive enough nutrient-rich food it can lack essential vitamins and minerals that affect your moods and brain function. Certain vitamins and minerals affect us in a number of ways – and when they’re lacking it shows!

Vitamin and Mineral pick-me ups

If you’re feeling lethargic and weak it could be about time you reach for some iron in your diet. Iron is a component of red blood cells and helps produce the release of energy within the body. To combat a drowsy day by making sure to eat plenty of red meat, poultry and fish or nutrient rich greens such as spinach.

Getting a little snappy may mean more than a bad day and could in fact be that you’re lacking in B vitamins. B Vitamins on a whole assist with the metabolism, the release of energy in the body, create amino acids and help cells to multiply within the body. Your loved ones and co-workers will thank you for making sure you maintain good levels of Vitamin B through fortified foods such as cereals, meat, fish and dairy.

A rainy-day mood could be the culprit of a lack in folate and shouldn’t keep you feeling down. Folate is highly recommended in the elderly and women and assists in the development and maintenance of healthy blood cell levels. You can find folate in liver, green vegetables, citrus fruits, beans and breakfast cereals.

Feeling like a negative ninny? You might want to consider your selenium levels. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes potentially harmful free radicals and assists in healthy heart, muscles, eyesight, skin and hair. A handful of Brazil nuts or a portion of meat, fish and bread can all help to improve your mood.

Recommended daily intake

If you’re an Aussie or New Zealander here’s an idea of your recommended daily intakes for help getting those good mood nutrients.


 Note: These RDI’s are from the Australian Government: Department of Health and Ageing, National Health and Medical Research Council and are not representative of pregnant women.



Reliv Now along with a balanced diet is a great way to fill up on those good mood inducing vitamins and minerals. Rich in good stuff like protein with two scoops a day of Reliv Now and your favourite side of good mood foods you’ll be set on your course to a happier and healthier life!






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