Helpful Weight Loss Hints

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Sticking to a weight loss goal is never easy, and keeping the weight off once you’ve lost it can be an even bigger challenge. Living a healthy life means eating right, exercising and taking care of ourselves. It requires being healthy in mind, body and spirit. For results to be seen, changes must first be made:

  • Set tangible goals. Start by setting yourself a realistic goal. If you’ve never set a weight loss goal or if you have a lot of weight to lose, it’s easiest to set a 3 month—or 12 week—goal.  That gives you ample time to turn your life around, by creating a lifestyle of eating better and moving more.
  • Something to talk about. Tell someone about your goal. Unless you have someone to cheer you on or be accountable to, it might get very tempting to abandon the thought of trying altogether. If you’re in Australia or New Zealand, by joining Reliv’s Shape Up program, you’ll have someone there to check in with you, send you healthy living tips and keep you accountable through your weight-loss journey.
  • Plan your day. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. By planning your days in advance it will help you create a routine that fits your lifestyle and supports your goals. Go shopping over the weekends and choose some healthy snack options for the week ahead. Setting aside time out of your day to move more will stop you from coming up with excuses not to.
  • Limit Temptation. Buy healthy foods and plan great tasting meals. Limit temptation by removing unhealthy foods and snacks from your home including soft drinks.
  • Move More Each day. We understand life’s busy, but you will need to start moving more. To lose weight, it’s as simple as using more calories than you take in. Choose activates that suit your lifestyle. Consider your budget, physical abilities and amount of free time. If you’re a fan of group exercise, find a new class to take and make some new friends. Variety will keep you from getting bored and a workout buddy will keep you accountable!
  • Reinforce yourself. If you’re the sort of person who responds well to positive reinforcement, place a photo of yourself from when you looked your best in a prominent place as a reminder of your goal. If you’re more encouraged by negative reinforcement, use a photo that reminds you of how far you’ve come or how far you have yet to go.
  • Do your homework. Before you go out to eat, check to see if the restaurant has a nutritional guide online. Many restaurants offer up the ingredients and nutritional content of their food. If your friends are kicking around ideas for where to eat, don’t be afraid to offer up a healthy suggestion up front. You’ll be less likely to get stuck eating somewhere that doesn’t have many good options.
  • Shake it up! Reliv shakes go beyond a standard multivitamin pill, giving your body more of everything. Join the Shape Up program and add ReShape to your daily regimen. It’s full of the protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body requires to be in great shape! Just add water and shake to get a creamy drink that will replace any meal of your choice!


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