Working it from home

Don’t let working from home make you feel isolated. Every day is a new opportunity to get out there, leverage your contact list and share your Reliv story with the world! Here are a few of our tips to get you moving and motivated whilst working your Reliv business from home! Home Office Space With […]

Leaders lead by example – with 4 time Platinum Ambassador, Tom Pinnock

Special guest, 4 time Platinum Ambassador Tom Pinnock discusses ways to take ownership of your Reliv business and utilize Reliv’s business tools. or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

8 Helpful Steps for Intentional Grocery Shopping

                        We have all been there. It’s almost dinner time and you don’t have what you need to prepare a meal. You reluctantly go to the grocery store. Eyes glazed over, stomach rumbling and mindlessly roaming the isles, you begin to grab whatever looks […]

Back to School the Healthy Way

                      The beginning of a new school year is here. Pencils, new shoes, and notebooks are important, but your children’s health is the biggest key to making this school year successful for the whole family. Rise and Shine Establish a morning routine. Determine how long […]

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Business Today with Cayla Collins

Starting any business is a roller coaster. We all have different seasons in our business. Which season are you in? Do you need to refocus? The business is simple but sometimes we need to give ourselves a reality check. Reliv Key Director, Cayla Collins, from the US wants you to ask yourself, what have I […]

Starting the New Year right!

How many times has this scenario played out? It’s almost January. You make the resolution to eat less, exercise more and finally lose that weight – once and for all. New Year’s resolutions are fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain. Research shows that only 8 per cent of those who make resolutions in […]

Reliv Athlete Programme Update

We are pleased to provide you with a brief update on the Reliv Athlete Programme. The programme started several years ago in Auckland in association with some of Barry Magee’s athletes. Whilst Jono Jackson has been on board pretty much from the beginning, a number of the other athletes who have been involved did not persevere […]

30/60/90 day action plan with Presidential Platinum Ambassador, Terry Renton

Special Guest Presidential Platinum Ambassador, Terry Renton, discusses your 30/60/90 day action plans. or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Understanding the Difference between Health & Fitness

Understanding the Difference between Health & Fitness is Critical. The terms ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ are often used interchangeably, but there are important differences between them. Fitness is a relative measure of physical performance compared to some form of standard. Fitness is measured in terms of measures such as how many push-ups or sit-ups you can do, how […]

A new business opportunity – SG

Theresa Sun, Singapore Theresa traded in her catering business for the Reliv business. In the process of sharing Reliv with other people, she was able to earn overseas trips and make a real difference in other people’s lives. or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Everyone can enjoy Reliv – AU/USA

Terry Renton, AU/USA After hearing about Reliv, Terry knew everyone could enjoy these products and that he needed to be in this business. Terry says the best part about the business is helping other people! or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Bounce back – AU

Stephanie Semmens, SA After returning from the Middle East, Stephanie noticed that her health had generally deteriorated. Since enjoying the Reliv products for over 7 years now, Stephanie has seen her health bounce back! or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Passionate about Reliv – AU

Stephanie Semmens, SA Stephanie was looking for the perfect opportunity for a business that she could run that would allow her to make a difference. Stephanie is passionate about the products and about building her business! or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Life is wonderful – NZ

May Copland, Auckland May has been able to put money from her Reliv business into property and now owns 13 properties in Auckland city. May also enjoys Reliv products herself and can’t believe how great she feels! or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Taking care of you – NZ

Mavis Nyantachi, Auckland Mavis was looking for a second job to help support her family. Since starting her Reliv business 10 months ago, she’s received residual income each month and has already earned herself an overseas trip. or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Change your life – AU

Lynne Culph, VIC When Lynne started to feel great she couldn’t help but share Reliv with everyone she knew. She’s enjoyed bonus cheques, overseas trips and in the last 8 years she’s travelled to 54 countries thanks to her Reliv business. or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Earning on your own terms – AU

Lorna Antonio, NSW Lorna found it hard to manage her time with raising 5 children. She now says she will never stop her Reliv business because it has given her time freedom and the freedom to earn an income on her own terms. or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Setting a goal – AU

Lolita Casanova, NSW Before starting her Reliv business, Lolita and her partner didn’t have the income to go out for dinner or to the movies. Lolita made it her goal to tell up to 10 people a day about Reliv and before she knew it the cheques were coming in. or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS […]

The Whole Package – NZ

Kristina Finau, Auckland Before Reliv, Kristina worked long hours and was looking for something that would allow her to be more involved in her children’s school activities. She loves the residual income she earns with Reliv and that she gets to be her own boss! or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Overseas Trips with Reliv – NZ

Christina Mensah, Auckland Christina has been in the Reliv business for 9 months and loves sharing the products with everyone she knows! She is blown away that she has already been sent overseas thanks to her Reliv business. or Download: Apple Podcasts | RSS | More

Today’s Food Falling Short

Most of us aren’t getting the nutrients we think we are. A comparison between the 2013 International Food Information Council (IFIC) Functional Foods Consumer Survey and National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data exposed large gaps in the percentage of consumers who believe they are getting the recommended Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) and the […]

10 Things to Do Right Now for Success

Robert Laird is a Reliv Key Director from Garden Grove, California. Here he shares his top tips for building your success every day. Success doesn’t happen tomorrow; it starts today. It is the right combination of dreams, goals and actions that lead to incredible rewards. It is also a choice. You can choose to take […]

The Buzzz on Healthy Sleep

It’s 10 pm and too late to make a phone call, but how about just a few more emails? Stop. Make a quick to-do list for tomorrow, power down your computer and go to bed. You’ll get more done tomorrow, better and faster, if you get the proper amount of rest tonight. Here’s the science […]

The Secret to Achieving Your Goals!

The secret to achieving your goals can be no more elusive than searching for your keys in the dark – the point is it isn’t easy. Goals are a benchmark we set when we feel we haven’t yet reached a point in our life, naturally they have to challenge us to be worthy of a […]

White vs. Wheat: Analysing the Great Carb Debate

It’s a question many of us have and fail to fully consider—what exactly is the nutritional difference between white and wheat foods? The answer is not easy to find on your standard food labels, and the search for a true nutritional value takes some effort and understanding. Read on to find out how you and […]

Give Thanks to Your Heart with a Healthy Resolve

We often take for granted just how much our hearts do for us. Pumping blood to our entire body and getting rid of its waste, our hearts have earned the right to be treated like royalty. Heart disease however, is the leading cause of death in Australia and New Zealand. Regardless of genetics, family history […]